You can’t get far in the granite industry without working compressors. When a compressor goes down, operations come to a halt and you lose money every minute. Machine Tech Enterprises understands this. We offer same day repair on any make or model of compressor.

While we are happy to assist your company with repairs, we would rather help you avoid them in the first place. Machine Tech Enterprises offers monthly physical inspections for compressors to all of our customers. This allows us to detect and correct mechanical issues promptly so they don’t cause a major malfunction in the future.

We also offer several other benefits to customers who enroll in our preventative maintenance program. You receive a discount on all parts ordered from us, enjoy regular hourly rates, and a discount on service call charges. Please speak to your representative today about our monthly maintenance plan.

Compressor repairs and maintenance


This is not an all-inclusive list of our compressor repair services. If your stone fabrication compressor isn't working right, contact us for an immediate assessment of the problem.

preventative Maintenance for your compressors


We service all classifications of compressors as well, including positive displacement and

roto-dynamic compressors along with all of their sub-categories. Some of the most common repair issues we handle include:

  • Cleaning or replacing worn out rings
  • Cleaning carbon deposits off valves to decrease the time needed for the machine to build up pressure
  • Replacing valves when necessary
  • Correcting defective pressure switch on controls
  • Tighten or loosen belts
  • Check the alignment on pulleys and correct to minimize wear on the belts
  • Inspect and change air intake filters
  • Change the oil to extend the life of rings and valves
  • Change oil separators​